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Recipe for DEI Transformation is the podcast for leaders who want support in leading diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in their organizations, reconnecting DEI back to its roots in social justice, and re-learning how to put people at the center. 

No More Watered Down DEI

It’s time to expand how organizational leaders think, feel, and talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s time to make it more human-centered and rooted in  social justice., where it has the most strength, and capacity for lasting change.



Unsure if what you are doing is making an impact? Unclear about what to do next?


We’ve got some not-so-secret ingredients to help you create your own recipe for organization and personal transformation.  

In this podcast, we explore what organizational leaders need to know and who they are invited to become so that they can create inclusive, diverse, equitable, anti-racist, accessible, and liberatory spaces and places.

Get ready to disrupt DEI & create people-centered organizations.  


Season 1:  The Key Ingredients, The Ones You Shouldn't Omit, and One from Mom 

As the CEO of Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting, LLC, Chrysta Wilson has had the honor of working with individual leaders and organizations across the nonprofit, arts/cultural, corporate, philanthropic, and government sectors. 

Each of her clients have, in their own ways, tried to answer the question of how to create a more justice and equity for their employees, clients and communities served. 

In Season 1 of this podcast, Chrysta identifies some of the most important ingredients required (and the ones often omitted) for successful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. She shares some of her best recipes and a few secret ingredients that she has collected since she started her consulting firm in 2008. 

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