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What you can expect:


  • Discussions of Anti-racism, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

  • Liberation Content - Strategies, Pitfalls, and Wisdom

  • Stories - testimonials and highlights from organizations doing DEI well.

  • Clear do’s and don’ts, while honoring the wide range of what DEI can look like from organization to organization.

  • Insights on how to approach diversity, equity, and inclusion for real and lasting change

  • Joy! - If we’re not bringing in joy, what are we even creating?

Billions of dollars are being invested.  What's the result?


Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is a goal that millions of companies have spent billions of dollars on over the last several years, and yet, it’s unclear if workplaces are any more diverse, equitable, or inclusive.


If throwing money at the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t making workplaces more just or creating a deep sense of belonging, then what ARE the ingredients and what ARE the recipes for success?


Is there a way for organizations to address the bias and harm that has required DEI investments in the first place? 


Podcast host Chrysta Wilson believes the answer is “yes.”We have to disrupt our old patterns in order to create new ones that will get us towards this better future we all want to experience.


In this podcast, we explore what organizational leaders should know, what they can do, and what they need to become, in order to disrupt the watered down DEI model to create inclusive, diverse, equitable, anti-racist, accessible, and liberatory spaces and places, together.


About Your Host

Chrysta Wilson is a storyteller, strategist and coach who has been working with governments, corporations, nonprofits and foundations for over 20 years to help them tell the truth about how inequities came to be and develop reparative solutions to move beyond DEI to create workplaces that advance racial justice and equity for historically undervalued and marginalized groups. Ultimately, she helps create workplaces where employees are thriving.


Chrysta brings wisdom from gardening, cooking, baking, and scuba diving to inspire her clients to lead transformations in their organizations.


Chrysta is the CEO of Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting LLC, a boutique consulting firm that provides coaching, advisement, training, keynote speaking, and action planning services to help leaders who care develop irresistible workplaces where employees have the opportunity to thrive.


Do you want support implementing the ideas you’ve heard in the podcast? Our firm, Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting can help you. Learn more at

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