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A client-focused process that helps people develop extraordinary results for their lives.


A judgment-free journey of self-discovery where clients dream the life they want for themselves and get support to make those dreams come true.


Coaching Perspective

My journey has been filled with the writing and re-writing of the recipe for my own life. 

My personal vision is to be consistently grounded in my passions and in pursuit of my dreams.  

This is my hope for my clients: that they be consistently connected to their dreams and desires.  As an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Professional Coach (C.P.C.), I hold space for my clients so that they can design and live their best lives. 

As your coach partner, we will create spaces where, together, we explore your hopes and dreams and create actionable plans that connect you to deepest desires.



Through our coaching relationship, you will discover the ingredients and develop your recipe that brings you closer to living your best life by design

coaching perspective
The Recipe for Coaching

About Your Coach 

Chrysta’s mother instilled in her a belief that anything is possible and that failure is a valuable learning opportunity that is integral to long-term success.


Believing that her life should be a regular pursuit of her dreams, Chrysta has designed a life filled with the career, relationships, opportunities, and adventures of her dreams.


She received her coaching education from an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Training Program (SCTP), Leadership that Works.


She is a certified professional coach (C.P.C.) currently working towards advanced credentials.


Additionally, she has a Bachelors Degree in public policy, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Community Development from the University of Southern California.


In additional to coaching, Chrysta is a senior consultant of a community and organizational development consulting firm she founded to help community groups, organizations, and public agencies develop a recipe that leads them to success.


She is a retired chef and author of an award-winning cookbook that is infused with humorous stories and life-coaching tips.



Can you Benefit From Coaching?

Answer "Yes" or "No" to these questions to see if you might benefit

from coaching.  

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Our Coaching Services

Discovery Sessions
  • This free session is an opportunity for you to explore the areas of your life that you want to enhance through coaching.

  • Discovery Sessions are a risk-free way to learn if you can benefit from coaching.

  • You will leave the session with new insights and self-awareness

New Year-New You Program
  • No more broken New Years Resolutions!

  • This mini-coaching program will help you envision the future and brainstorm your goals for the next 12 months.      


  • Program consists of three 30-minute coaching sessions with email support.

  • Program ends with your finalized action plan and accountability plan for the year.

Platinum  Coaching Package
  • Four months of coaching (2-4 sessions per month*)


  • Free email support during those three months.

  • Customized tools and resources provided to support you on your transformation.

Gold Coaching Package
  • Three months of coaching (2-4 sessions per month*)

  • Free email support during those three months


  • Customized tools and resources provided to support you on your transformation

In-person Coaching Workshops

These in-person coaching sessions are spaces where participants can explore a theme of the day and receive information and coaching tools to enhance an aspect of their personal or professional lives.


Virtual Coaching Workshops

Using web-based and phone-based technologies, participants are able to engage in group coaching circles that enable deeper exploration of topics related to personal and professional development.

Customize Coaching Packages

Want to explore a coaching need not listed in these services? 


We offer custom coaching services. 


Contact us today to bring coaching to your organization or community group.

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